Meet The Team

Data entry, filing, web research, customer follow-up, document scanning, correspondence, newsletters, website management, social media content …

No task, great or small, is insignificant when it aids your productivity and profitability. You may not need full time overhead; let us assist you on the things that really matter so you can move on to bigger things like making connections and networking!

If you feel we can assist you on any administrative tasks please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – we can meet over a cup of coffee and figure out how we can assist you in being successful.



eCommerce, Digital Marketing, SEO Strategy, Google Adwords

Lautice offers over 25 years of Management and Administrative experience.  Lautice currently offers her services in Marketing and Sales for the  Property Management and Hospitality industry.


Property Management Division

 Nicole is your one-stop for full-service residential property management consulting.  She will market your property, screen potential residents and manage all aspects of the renter’s experience including scheduling repairs, upkeep, and legal filing.

We also have advanced experience in assisting real estate professionals in implementing online marketing strategies, social media, and business systems to catapult exposure in their marketplace; while focusing on productivity and the bottom line.

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